Every business owners knows the feeling – that Monday morning ritual of opening the web browser and sifting through the emails that have come in over the weekend. Hopefully a bunch of these will be new enquiries from customers, but inevitably you will start to get some offers from digital marketing companies and ‘SEO experts’ promising you amazing results and a page-one ranking in Google within weeks.

These emails are often sent out en masse by companies, usually located overseas, who use bots to crawl the web, find email addresses on websites to add to their database, and send out email blasts offering their services. Or, they may even call you directly, doing the hard sell on why your site is underperforming and how they can offer a miracle cure to make business boom.

Even we, as a website design and digital marketing business, get emails from these companies offering ‘personalised’ services, which just goes to show how much they are actually researching the businesses they’re targeting – that’s like trying to sell bread to a baker!

If your website has not been generating quite as many leads or online sales lately as you would like, it can be really tempting to fork out cash to these companies as a quick fix to temporarily boost your ranking in search results.

However, if their spammy contact information gathering tactics weren’t enough to put you off, anyone promising concrete search engine results should be a red flag as Google is constantly changing their indexing algorithms, and where you are sitting in search results among your competitors is also largely down to what they are (or aren’t) doing for their search engine optimisation. Anyone promising a certain Google ranking is frankly probably just telling you want you want to hear.

So, if you want to boost your website’s visibility, where is the best place to turn?

The answer is right in front of you – your existing web agency!